Quick start with Scala and Play Framework

For the quick and dirty way to get Play Framework up and running, you need only these:

Once they’re all installed, its this easy:

  • Open Git Bash
  • Clone my Play/Scala vagrant repository: git clone https://github.com/ian-kent/vagrant-scala-play-mongodb.git playserver
  • Change directory: cd playserver
  • Start the virtual machine: vagrant up
  • Once it’s complete, connect using SSH: vagrant ssh
  • Create a new play app: play new MyApp
  • Change directory: cd MyApp
  • Start your application: play run
  • View your new Play site in a browser: http://localhost:9000

If you want to edit your Play project in IntelliJ Idea, create the project files from the command line using play gen-idea.

To help you get started, the Vagrantfile also installs MongoDB and sets up port forwarding for port 9000 (Play) and port 27017 (MongoDB)